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How would you feel if you enlisted a divorce attorney to help you deal with a stressful legal problem, and the attorney responded simply by telling you what to do? What if the attorney didn't tell you why? What if the attorney didn't give you any other options? What if the attorney didn't even listen carefully to your story to find out the full extent of the problem you're dealing with? Would you feel confident with the solution suggested or with the attorney? At the Pecos Law Group, we don't think you would. That's why we take a more personalized, more thorough approach to the cases we handle.

We Start by Listening to Your Story

You have a story to tell. Whether your case involves family law, criminal defense, child support or any of the practice areas our full-service law firm handles, you will want to tell us how you found yourself in your current situation. We want to listen. We want to listen not only because we know you need to get things off your chest, but because there is valuable information in your story. We will listen for crucial details that we may be able to use to help move your case forward. Most importantly, we will listen to learn about your goals.

We Build a Legal Strategy Based on Your Goals

Once we know what your goals are, we will build a legal strategy. When we use the word strategy, we mean it. Our Las Vegas divorce attorneys do not believe in bulldog-style representation, because that style's unchecked aggression is more likely to prove ineffective due to all of the solutions that are overlooked during the race to tear the opponent apart. We favor the chess player's approach, taking great care to think through and review every option available. That is not to say that we will not be aggressive, when required by the circumstances, as that approach can be valuable, but we will make certain that it is the right approach for your case.

We Are Detailed and Direct Las Vegas Family Law Attorneys

As we build a legal strategy, we will keep you involved. You will understand the thought process that led us to the suggestions we make, and you will be made aware of the various alternatives and the opposition's strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, unlike other attorneys, you will be sent a copy of any document or correspondence filed, sent or received in your case. You will see firsthand that we are dedicated to achieving your goals. You will benefit directly from our attorneys’ experience. At our law firm, you will not have to fight through a receptionist or other staff members. When you need to speak with the attorney handling your case, when you need to ask questions or bring up concerns, or simply find out how your case is progressing, you will easily be able to. In fact, we are proactive about keeping you involved every step of the way.

With Las Vegas Family Law, Experience Matters

No law firm in Las Vegas has more family law experience than Pecos Law Group

Stephen R. Minagil, licensed in Nevada since 1977
Paul A. Lemcke, licensed in Nevada since 1988
Bruce I. Shapiro, licensed in Nevada since 1990
Shann D. Winesett, licensed in Nevada since 1994 (California since 1993)
Lesley E. Cohen, licensed in Nevada since 1998
Jack W. Fleeman, licensed in Nevada since 2007

Whether your case involves family law, criminal defense or any other practice area our full-service law firm handles, you can be confident that you will be in good hands. We will work hard to achieve your goals.

Find Out How We Can Achieve Your Goals

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